Ticket Protection

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket

In Vegas when you get a ticket you know all the loopholes you have to go through in order to fight a ticket.

Not just speeding tickets, but other citations can take time away from you by attending court dates, asking for time off from work, legal fees, damage to your record, or attending Traffic School.

It’s crazy and you don’t have to be subject to these hassles any more.

Speeding Ticket Reduced to a Parking Violation

One of our clients, let’s say her name is Nicole…

She was pulled over speeding and given a citation.

She contacted our team and submitted her ticket and other information to our experienced legal time.

The customary traffic fines start at $195…we got that reduced to $50 and there were no attorney or administrative fees to our members.

Her speeding violation charges were reduced to illegal parking.

She paid the parking fine and:

  • • Zero points were added to her record
  • • No report was filed to the DMV
  • • Nothing was reported to her Insurance company
  • • She did not have to attend Traffic School

This is just one story and we’ve helped hundreds of others just like her.

We can help you too.

When you receive a traffic violation, there are typically three options:

  • 1. Pay the fine – take a hit on your driving record with the points AND get hit with an increase in your insurance rates
  • 2. Hire an attorney – this can be costly, time consuming and may leave you wondering who you even hire?
  • 3. Represent yourself in court – this is time consuming and risky if you are an inexperienced legal professional. This option can cost you more, simply because of your sheer ignorance of the law and procedures.

Avoid the Insanity!

With ticket protection as part of your membership benefits, you can immediately take advantage of:

  • NO POINTS on your DMV record
  • No Traffic School
  • No Missed Work for Court Appearances
  • No Insurance Increases
  • No Waiting in Line
  • • and you receive Reduced Court Fines.

With the expert advice of our attorney’s and a proactive approach to resolving your case, you can spend your time and energy on matters that require your first hand attention.

As a member of ON SCENE Investigation & Security, Inc. there are no attorney’s fees for ticket protection. All you have to pay are the court ordered fines so the benefit of membership can be felt immediately!

Ticket Protection is a Simple 3 Step Process:

  • 1. Log-in and submit your ticket
  • 2. A ticket protection attorney will be assigned to you and will handle all of the details
  • 3. You pay the court ordered fine

With ON SCENE Investigation & Security, Inc., our ticket protection attorneys will resolve your Traffic Citations for you! (Limited to 2 per membership, per calendar year).

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