Roadside Assistance

Have you ever:

• Ran out of gas?
We understand how these things happen. You may be running late and think you can coast in for a fill up after your appointment. Only to find out you underestimated the miles and are stranded on the side of the road. You can walk to a station or simply call us and we will send a Certified Road Side Assistance Agent to you with gas. Let us help you be safe and get you on your way in no time.

• Got in your vehicle and it wouldn’t start?
Of course this always happens at the most inconvenient time. This is not only frustrating it is also exasperating because you don’t know what’s wrong with your vehicle so you don’t know who to call.

You can call a tow truck and pay hundreds or you can call us and we will send a Certified Road Side Assistance Agent to jump start your vehicle and get you going. You can focus on your day and get your vehicle to the auto repair shop when it’s convenient for you.

• Had a flat tire?
Flat tires can be caused by road hazards, a simple nail or other debris. Who wants to pull out the spare tire and then try to figure out how to work the jack, wrench and other tools to change the tire?

Make it easy on yourself. Simply call us and let one of our Certified Road Side Assistance Agents change the tire for you. We respond immediately and you can make phone calls, send texts or respond to emails while we are doing all of the hard work!

Safety is our first and foremost concern. In each of these situations, you and your family can be in danger. For example, we never recommend someone walk alone or remain stranded alone. We also would not want you to get out of your vehicle for a person you do not recognize and merely assume is from road side assistance. We provide you with added assurance by sending you an Identity Check text. This is a photo of the Certified Road Side Assistance Agent that has been dispatched to help you.

On Scene Investigation & Security, Inc. understands that these scenarios happen and they happen 24 hours each day 7-days a week. They are never convenient. That’s why we provide the added benefit of Road Side Assistance in our Elite and Prestige Memberships.

With one call to us, your worries are gone!

Let the respected, reliable and responsive shield protect you. Click her to join now and start saving hundreds of dollars and ensure your safety and the safety of your family!