Personal Protection

Personal Protection for anyone.

Most people think that personal protection is for the rich or famous. However, On Scene Investigation & Security, Inc., is designed to protect anyone.

If it is a special event, ranging from a bachelorette party to a romantic evening, our Certified Protection Agents will provide privacy, protection and security. If you have circumstances causing you to be frightened, due to stalking, being a recent victim of a crime or being left alone in an unfamiliar environment, our Protection Agents are certified and trained, to proactively prepare for situations that may present concern or harm to you, your family or friends.

If Elite Protection is what you are looking for we have that as well. Our Certified Elite Protection Agents have served numerous U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, International Dignitaries and some of the most respected and high profile individuals, so they know the fundamentals of what is required to provide exceptional protection services. We understand that protection at this level requires a unique set of skills and experience that only elite protection specialists are equipped with. Our advanced team also knows how to handle outside security check points with ease, hotel security to arrange for special entrance and exits, hotel security precautions, public crowd security and private transportation security.

Let us handle all of your personal protection needs!

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