Incident Response

These are just three examples of incidents of when the police may not come to your rescue. Technically, the police will respond if there is imminent danger to you, there is someone in your home or you are in a life threatening situation. If the crime has already happened, it is likely the police will not come and you will be required to go to the police station to file the report.

When you are a victim of these types of crimes, you are angry, frightened and in shock just knowing the crime has occurred. You may be left completely stunned, feeling violated and extremely confused as to what to do next.

When you are a member of On Scene Investigation & Security, Inc. you simply contact a Certified Customer Care Agent who will immediately dispatch a Certified Investigative Agent. The agent will document the entire scene, conduct a preliminary investigative routine, make contact with neighbors in your community all in an effort to get the facts. These facts can then be used by the police to assist in apprehending the criminal.

When our Certified Investigative Agent leaves the scene, you are handed a Certified Incident Report that you can take to the police station and submit to your insurance company. In order to have an insurance claim processed, there is a specific set of requirements that must be documented.

Don’t guess at the information the police and your insurance company will want. Don’t leave the important details to chance. When the police can’t come, you can make one phone call to us and breathe easy knowing the details are being handled by our investigative professionals.

For just over a dollar a day, membership can save you thousands in lost claims, time and hassles.

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