Event Security


Event security is ultimately designed as a deterrent for any disruption to an event’s success.

Our team of Certified Security Agents are trained to scan, identify and predict potential concerns and immediately address the situation. Our Certified Security Agents are trained to deescalate and resolve situations using our 10-step security plan. This tactic is crucial in situations and actions that are pre-cursors to incidents. Our team knows how to recognize these and discreetly intervene to avert a potentially devastating situation. With years of experience and training, our professionals understand how to handle situations that may arise with professionalism and in a manner that minimizes any potential exposure, risk or unwanted attention.



With our 10-step security plan, it serves as a blue print guideline for your event. This strategic plan is completed in the beginning stages of planning your event. One of our security specialists will meet with your event planning team to review specifications, traffic flow details and media requirements.

It is this level of detail that allows our team to pre-plan critical security check points, security detail posts and then make recommendations for any modifications that will improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Our goal is to provide support so you can create the image you desire for your event. Whether you desire a red carpet experience, an image of significance or a first class corporate event, we can assist you. We have provided security detail for:

  • • Celebrity events
  • • Non-profit fund-raisers
  • • Corporate high-profile events
  • • Corporate launch events
  • • Corporate road show/capital raising events
  • • High profile celebrations

Simply communicate the goal of your event, image you want to convey and location of your event, and our team will handle the rest. Our team of professionals have provided security detail for events at all of the major hotels and convention centers throughout Las Vegas. This means we have a working relationship with the on-site security team and firsthand knowledge of floor plans as well as potential bottle neck areas.

When you want an added level of comfort for your next event, contact ON SCENE and let us handle all of your security needs, so you can stay focused on creating a memorable event for your guests.

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