Accident Response

Accident Response was created to protect and serve our clients when they are involved in an accident. Whether you are an individual or a corporate client, if the accident was your fault or not, our accident response officers will document the FACTS, On-Scene, at the time of the accident, every time.

“With the stuff that can happen on the road, to have a company like On-Scene that responds right away, does thorough investigations and really takes care of the liability part of your business.” – Donovn Rohde, VP, One Hour Fleet

Today police departments have large demands, on limited resources, for police response to accidents. Did you know that the law does not require a police response or a police report in an accident? Only a name and insurance exchange between drivers is required in most cases. Accidents with limited property damage and no injuries, are prioritized in police response and the wait time is long, if they come all. When the police cant come WE do!

Our primary goal is to document the facts of the accident, immediately, on the scene of the accident, We document the accident through an comprehensive report, pictures, witness statements and when necessary our experts can testify to the facts of the accident, in a insurance dispute or a court of law. We protect you from false claims of excessive damage, disputed liability or ????,. Today accidents seem to be a cash machine for individuals involved in accidents.. Unfortunately, we live in a world where fraudulent insurance claims are on the rise. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau suspicious claims have increased over 28% in the past year alone. We protect our clients financial assets, today and in future

“We need to insure the claims process is done smoothly and one of the best ways to do that is to utilize a company that can provide you a certified report that can be taken to court and represent you and the facts.”  -Bill Rohac, NLS Insurance

Our Accident Response Officers are each trained and certified in accident response documentation. On-Scene officers are licensed private investigators, through the attorney general office and if you or your company are named in an insurance claim or an eventual law suit, On-Scenes accident documentation reports are admissible as evidence in those proceedings and a court of law.

Our officers complete a rigorous certification & testing program to ensure accuracy in documenting an accident & professional handling of the scene. Our officers are highly experienced professionals and have the knowledge, skills and ability to respond and document the facts when it matters most. You see IT’S NOT IF, IT’S WHEN your are in an accident! Don’t be ripped off, protect yourself with On-Scene. Contact us today and get protected!