Police departments are reactive by nature.

On Scene Investigation & Security, Inc. is the proactive response to the investigation and security industry.

Our team of Certified Agents have completed over 35,000 investigations and handled over 15,000 incidents.

We certify every Agent and ensure they have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to protect and serve your needs.

Our standards and certification programs function as the backbone of our company’s industry leading reputation and success.

At the end of the day, our clients rest assured we have provided a customized, skilled and extremely professional team to serve all of their protection needs.

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Accident & Incident Response

When the police don’t come,

Ticket Protection

Tired of wasting your time with traffic violations. Let ON SCENE help with Ticket Protection

Protect You and Your Family

Get Protection from ON SCENE with three great memberships. You can choose from Standard, Elite, or Prestige.

Top Level Corporate Security

Identify Gaps in Security That put your business at risk
Implement Strategic Security Measures To Reduce Internal and External Security Threats

Personal Protection

Most people think that personal protection is for the rich or famous. However, our Certified Protection Agents are trained to protect anyone.

Private Investigation

With our certified investigation & surveillance agents, you will…

  • • Get the Facts
  • • Get the Truth
  • • Document the Evidence
Event Protection

Event security is ultimately designed as a deterrent for any disruption to an event’s success.