Membership Packages

Our Commitment to You:

On Scene Investigation & Security, Inc.’s professionals are certified and trained to support our clients when they are in a crisis.

Based on the level of your membership, our certified professionals are available to support you in any incident resulting from a traffic accident, traffic citation, your car has broken down or you have been involved in some incident resulting in property damage.

Our professional’s are committed to relieving the fear and stress of the situation and there to protect you from future risk, concerns and liability. With our team, we will deliver respectable, reliable and responsive protection for you in every situation.

That’s why we are highly respected by individuals within organizations such as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
Let our respected, reliable and responsive shield protect you every time!

Standard Membership

When the police can’t come

Elite Membership

The benefits of Accident Response, ticket protection and private investigation

Prestige Membership

Protecting our members when they need it most

Protect Your Business

Ultimate protection for Businesses and Corporations.
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