On Scene Investigation & Security, Inc. is specialized in accident response, specialized security and private investigation. Each division focus’s on the exposure and needs of our clients and our services are custom designed to meet those specific demands 24/7. We ensure that individuals and corporations are protected through professional, reliable and highly trained officers. Whether it is accident response, corporate security, executive protection or private investigation our clients are our top priority. The On-Scene shield means something in our company. It is a symbol that you can trust for discreet, responsive and reliable service every time you call on our team.

Our founder, Rick Klein, spent over twenty years in law enforcement where he saw firsthand the gap areas where proactive personal and professional protection was not the responsibility of the police department. These gap areas leave people exposed and at significant risk.

“Individuals and businesses every day are subject to unforeseen situations, fraudulent intentions and personal attacks, which expose financial and asset liabilities. There needs to be more protection available when the police can’t come,” said Rick Klein.

Our Executive Team

Rick Klein, Founder & CEO

Rick spent over twenty years with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD). During his career he was a 1st responder, field training officer and assigned to the SWAT Team. As a sergeant he was in charge of investigative teams, under cover operations and specialized in accident investigation. Rick’s career has spanned from protecting U.S. presidents to investigating and supervising over 35,000 incidents including over 15,000 accidents. He has literally responded to, investigated or supervised every possible situation one can imagine. Rick is a P.O.S.T. certified instructor and has been since 1995. As an academy instructor for over 20 years he continues to train recruits in the use of police procedures & constitutional law. As the CEO he brings his knowledge, skills and abilities to our clients every day!

On Scene Investigation & Security Inc.’s management team are all native Las Vegans and have over 50 years of community & government service. Denise Klein, Vice President of Operations, Richard Henry, Director of Security Services and Ralph Ray, Director of Investigative Services are all well respected leaders and serve in the public and private sectors of Nevada.

 On Scene has developed a certification program for each of the key areas of service we provide with our membership. This assures that you are receiving consistent, reliable and responsive support at every interaction with our company.

That’s why we are viewed as a highly respected service provider by organizations such as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Each area of expertise within our company must meet specific certification criteria. Meet the team!

Certified Customer Care Agent – These are the front lines of our operation, the person that answers the phone and assists you when you have had an accident, incident or need assistance. This person plays a crucial role and must follow specific guidelines on how to advise you of what to do while helping to keep you calm. This person also is responsible for dispatching the Certified Investigative Agent to the scene. Each agent is responsible for assisting you and only you when you call. The agent doesn’t have a massive switchboard to manage. No calls are put on hold. They provide complete responsive and personal attention to you when you need it most.

Certified Protection Agent – Our Protection Agents must complete our rigorous certification testing program. This program is founded on many of the training principles that are used in law enforcement and national protection agencies. Each agent is trained to proactively prepare for situations that may present concern or harm to you, your family or friends. If you have circumstances that are causing you to be frightened due to stalking, being a recent victim of a crime or being left alone in an unfamiliar environment, click here and get the protection from the shield!

Certified Elite Protection Agent – Our Certified Elite Protection Agents have served numerous U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, International Dignitaries and some of the most respected and high profile individuals. They know the fundamentals of what is required to provide exceptional protection services and at this level, it requires a unique set of skills and experience that only our Certified Elite Protection Agents are equipped with. Our advanced team is also experienced in handling outside security check points with ease, hotel security (special entrance and exit planning), hotel security precautions, public crowd security and private transportation security. Each agent must have extensive credentials and elite experience to be on the team.

Certified Private Investigation Agent – Our team of Certified Private Investigation Agents have processed over 30,000 investigations and are capable of handling the most complex scenarios. Each agent is certified and highly qualified for surveillance and investigations. They know how to gather the facts, get to the truth and document the evidence. Our agents are a proactive solution and resource here to protect you before an incident occurs.

Certified Event Protection Agent – Our team of Certified Event Protection Agents are trained to scan, identify and predict potential concerns and immediately address the situation. Each is trained to deescalate and resolve situations using our proprietary 10-step security plan. There are certain tactics that are predictive to certain situations and specific actions that are pre-cursors to incidents. Our team knows how to recognize these and discreetly intervene to avert a potentially devastating situation. With years of experience and training, our certified agents understand how to handle situations that may arise with professionalism and in a manner that minimizes any potential exposure, risk or unwanted attention.

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Personal & Corporate protection requirements are at an all time high and every day hundreds of thousands of people are subject to potential threats, personally and professionally.